Bisexual dating luton

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I was fumbling with what seemed like the most complicated coffee maker in the world when she came back in, telling me she never explained how to work the machine. I followed her to what appeared to be a very masculine bedroom, she directed me to remove my clothes but they must be placed neatly on the chair. I couldnt see her slit for it was buried deep, tight bushy curls all clean and fresh it was like presenting me with a gourmet meal.

I looked up and stunned there was my dream stood there in her naked glory with a big huge hairy twat and completely unshaven all over her body. I literally threw myself in head first, savouring the feeling of her bush wrapped around my chin.

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I looked up and smiled, I told her she really shouldnt do anymore today and perhaps I could help her home.

I know Im in minority and in the UK the trend is to be shaved, waxed, threaded whatever.

It appears to be shameful for any woman to show a single tuft of underarm fuzz or a wild natural bikini line.

I noted her accent straight away to be German and she had all the Teutonic features, she was stunning and that voice was so crisp, articulated German and every so sexy. She was working for a pharmaceutical company and was based in the UK for two years; she jogged every morning on the Heath but did say she was much later this morning which is why our paths had never crossed before.

We said goodbye and maybe we will see each other another morning.

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